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New Rifle Shotgun Hybrid Bullet Raises Ethical Questions! [VIDEO]

TarHunt is a gun company located in Bloomsburg, PA. They specialize in making rifled slug guns. They also make a very interesting 20 ga. slug load called Schrifle. Basically it is a non-sabot projectile loaded into a 20 gauge plastic hull with the bullet sticking out of the hull (just like rifle cartridges are loaded). Obviously, these rounds are intended to be shot from rifled 20 gauge barrels. The projectile itself is a hollow point lead-free slug called Raptor. The manufacturer has been experimenting with different weights, but right now only the 239 grain projectiles are available with a muzzle velocity of 2150 fps. The pack of ten rounds has a price tag of $45. We now have shotguns that shoot like rifles, crossbows that shoot like...  Read More

Ninth Circuit Strikes Down California Ban on High-Capacity Gun Magazines

Siding with a lower court judge who found California’s ban on high-capacity gun magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition is illegal and could lead to women being “raped and dead,” a duo of GOP-appointed Ninth Circuit judges Friday ruled the ban violates the Second Amendment.   In a 66-page order, U.S. Circuit Judge Kenneth Lee, a Donald Trump appointee, found California’s voter-approved Proposition 63 — enacted in 2016 to ban the high-capacity gun magazines frequently used in mass shootings — violates the Second Amendment.   Lee found Proposition 63 burdens conduct protected by the Second Amendment, as firearm magazines are protected under the Constitution, not “unusual” and are commonly owned for lawful purposes.   ...  Read More

Company becomes first employer in US to microchip employees

Three Square Market, a software company in Wisconsin, has become the first company in the United States to offer microchip implants for their employees. “It’s the next thing that’s inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it,” said Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby. His company designs software for break room market kiosks in large office complexes. The RFID chips (Radio-Frequency Identification) microchips act like an electronic key fob that grants employees access to specific areas in the building, computers, and other equipment. They can also function as a proximity payment method using the same technology that’s found in most smart phones. Employees can pay for items in the break room or cafeteria with a swipe o...  Read More

Watch how a suppressor works at 10,000 FPS

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4 gauge shotgun is an absolute monster! (Video)

Ashley Hlebinsky of the Cody Firearms Museum whips out an absolute monster, the 4 gauge Winchester Wildfowler. This 19 pound shotgun is so large it doesn’t even seem real. Ideal for big game and just smaller than a 2 gauge punt gun, this particular weapon was manufactured for Thomas Gray Bennett, a famous waterfowler and son-in-law of Winchester president Oliver Winchester who ran the company from 1890-1910.  Read More

Fisherman discovers cache of 19th century rifles in remarkably good condition

A fishing trawler off the coast of Canada discovered a crate full of 19th century muskets that have spent the last century and a half under water. No one knows how the cache ended up on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean about 200 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The 600 lb safe covered in sea-life was transferred to Memorial University’s archaeology department in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Now researchers are working to restore the twenty 1853 Enfield rifled muskets back to their original glory. While the iron barrels and lock plates were almost completely destroyed by salt water, the wood stocks and brass plates were in remarkable condition given there situation. Inspectors’ marks and serial numbers were still visible....  Read More

Shotgun With Silencer Shoots 30 Rounds In Just Seconds! [VIDEO]

In this video, you will see a shotgun that can shoot 30 rounds in just 8 seconds! This Fostech origin 12 semi auto shotgun has a 30 round drum with a silencer! The Fostech origin 12 will run you $2,750 and a 30 round drum cost another $500.  Read More

12 Gauge Trip Wire Alarms are Put to the Test (Video)

Jeff from TAOFLEDERMAUS takes a closer look at the 12 gauge trip wire alarm by Fith Ops. These alarms are legal in all 50 states, even California. Each alarm features a spring loaded firing pin held back by a cotter pin that can be tied to a piece of string. The alarms can fire any 12 gauge shell or mini-blank. See them in action with the video below.  Read More

Are you looking to start your first AR build? This kit is perfect!

Are you looking to start your first AR build and need to equip your workshop? This kit is perfect. What Comes In The Kit A lot. Really, a whole mess of tools. Much of what is in the kit is also sold separately, but when bought together you get it all in one place and for less than you could if you got it part-by-part. And it comes in a nice hard case. What is really nice about this kit, other than all of the tools being well made and well thought out, is that it provides everything you need for drop-in AR-15s and free-float AR-15s. It doesn’t matter what kind of rifle you’re building, you can build it with this set. Heres a list of the tools you get: Armorer’s Master Wrench Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block Smart-Fit AR-15 Lower Vise B...  Read More

Survival rifle collapses into the stock in just seconds

  The Henry AR7 .22 lr is an awesome survival rifle that’s great to take with you almost anywhere. It’s compact, lightweight, water resistant, and floats. It can be broken down or reassembled in less than a minute. This is the perfect lightweight rifle to take on a boat, plane, camping, or any other adventure when you don’t plan on needing a rifle, but would like to have one anyways. To see the various models available Click here  Read More

Brewery offers $20,000 to hike the Appalachian Trail, drink beer

A Virginia brewery announced it is seeking a "Chief Hiking Officer" who would be paid $20,000 to spend five to seven months hiking the Appalachian Trail and drinking beer. The Devil's Backbone Brewing Co., based in Lexington, said it is accepting applications from people who "love hiking and beer" to take on the unique job. The winning applicant will be granted the "Chief Hiking Officer" title and be flown out to the trail head in 2021 for a 2,200-mile hike. The hiker, who would tackle the trail between May and September 2021, would be outfitted with equipment by the brewery, as well as being treated to "some big ol' beer parties along the way." The application on the company's website consists of some personal information, proof of ...  Read More

Zipline Shooting Range?! Shooting While Flying Through the Air!

Are you bored of the same old range visits, paper targets, and not enough action?!  Then strap yourself into a harness and try Zipline Shooting! I really need to set one of these up in my backyard. Check out the action below!  Read More

Massive Shotgun Slugs that Explode!

These exploding shotgun slugs will make your next trip to the range a blast!  At $149.95 for a box of 12 Gauge 2 3/4″ Heavy Hitter Hollow Point Slugs HESH will really cost you, but they are almost always sold out. All you need to make the most powerful incendiary explosive slugs available on the market. You can head over to War Wolf Ordnance to check them out today! Or watch Gunmeister give these a go on a door, metal plates, bowling pins, and even a lawnmower!  Read More

12 Gauge handgun kicks like a mule! [VIDEO]

This looks utterly impractical and absolutely giggle-worthy. This Rossi has some serious kick. Ever wonder why shotguns come standard with shoulder stocks?  In a video shared on Youtube by The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. Story has it that this shotgun had been designated as a pistol. Why would you ever want to shoot a 12 gauge handgun that would leave your hands sore for days? After watching this video, the real question is why not!  Read More

Hollow “apple slicer” slugs explode inside the target creating a massive wound cavity

Jeff from TAOFLEDERMAUS was sent a rare treat from a viewer in France. Sold as the “Wonder Bullet,” these hollow fluted shotgun slugs proved to be absolutely devastating. Two shots tumbled wildly through the air, but the vast majority remained stable and on point from muzzle to target. The Balle Wonder or “Wonder Bullet” shells were commercially manufactured in France, but only the slugs themselves were mailed to TAOFLEDERMAUS. The tumbling shots could be due to a re-loading error, without firing the commercially loaded shells TAOFLEDERMAUS won’t know for certain. The shots that fired correctly were “dead-on accurate” and truly brutal. Intended for boar hunting, the hard antimony-lead slugs create a massive cavity after exploding in...  Read More

8 Barrels of Historic fun!

At the 2019 SHOT Show Tippmann Armory showed off something that’s quite different than what you’d normally see at SHOT Show. It’s a scaled down version of an 1865 Gatling Gun. This little gem shoots regular 9mm Luger ammo in 32-round Glock model 19 magazines. Now you can afford to have some fun with a Gatling gun! Fun is what this little gun is all about. There is nothing more fun to shoot than a machinegun, but they are heavily restricted under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Well, Gatling guns are exempt from the NFA machinegun category. They can be sold just like any manually operated rifle on a standard Form 4473. The only thing to remember is where the dealer fills out their part of the form. On sectionB #16, mark “Other firea...  Read More

.50 Beowulf AR-15 firing full auto? Yes please!

The .50 cal Beowulf AR offers absolutely devastating stopping power at short to medium range. You can use semi-auto or you can run with the big dogs and go full auto, assuming you’re keeping that muzzle down. If you’re used to an AR, they you’re already familiar with this rifle without even knowing it.  Read More

Most “ballistic knives” can launch a blade. The Arsenal RS-1 fires bullets.

Most “ballistic knives” can launch a blade. The Arsenal RS-1 fire’s bullets. Technically a firearm in the shape of a knife, this weird weapon is unlike anything else we’ve seen. Hidden inside the grip is a five-shot .22s cylinder (one of the six chambers has been filled to act as a pin rest) with a trigger mechanism that pops out of the grip from the flip of a switch. When not in use, the trigger is recessed flush with the grip. The shooter in this video thinks he has a misfire, but he actually hit the single blocked chamber. All five rounds were fired. Take a look inside the RS-1 in the video below.  Read More

Survival shotgun/rifle can fire 12 different calibers

Meet the Chiappa M6 X-Caliber 12 gauge survival shotgun, the only survival rifle you’ll ever need. It’s not quite as compact as the Henry AR7, but it’s pretty close and the versatility of the M6 far outshines the competition. Purchase the Chiappa M6 X-Caliber Here The rifle was originally designed to fire a 12 gauge shell and a .22lr, but with the X-Caliber adapter set the M6 can fire up to 12 different calibers including .380, 9 mm, .357Mag/.38SP, .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP, .410/.45colt, and 20 gauge. The entire system is made of steel except for a foam insert in the buttstock to reduce weight. By pressing a single lever, the M6 can be folded at a hinge point to a compact 18″ that can easily fit in most backpacks. It featur...  Read More

One of the scariest looking shotgun slugs! Does it really work?

As lead was being banned around the world, ammo manufacturers are preparing for the inevitable by producing ammo out of alternative metals like brass, copper, and steel. The trick is to make a metal like steel, function as an expanding lead projectile. We have the pleasure of showing you a new expanding steel slug by Gualandi in Italy. These slugs look wicked, but are they effective in making a quick, clean kill? Watch the video and find out!  Read More

Devastating dumbbell slugs hit like a pair of wrecking balls

TAOFLEDERMAUS is back with another prototype shotgun slug built by the Ballistic Machinist, Tim Hamilton. These dumbbell slugs are absolutely brutal. They’re surprisingly accurate for such an odd shape and cut through level III Kevlar like a hot knife through butter. Tim expected the slugs to tumble more than they do. Everyone was surprised when the dumbbell rotated once in air then flew sideways in a straight line toward the target. They are very similar to an earlier concept that didn’t quite perform as intended. These new and improved dumbbells are pretty hefty weighing in at 40 grams a piece. The resulting wound cavity is absolutely devastating.  Read More

Watch the belt-fed 12 gauge you need to see in action (VIdeo)

What would you call this thing other than a light machine-shot-gun? (Make sure you swap the barrels out to keep anyone without a sense of humor happy). Like any “because you can” weapon, the belt-fed 12 gauge is a special kind of crazy, the kind you want in your collection. This custom upper receiver can be attached to an AR-15, but you won’t find it in stores anytime soon. While there are a few malfunctions, the “jam” appears to be spent casings failing to clear the bolt. Fix the jamming issue and you have the greatest home defense weapon ever. See it in action with the video below.  Read More

Kalashnikov brings the KS-12 shotgun to the USA

Kalashnikov KS-12 shotgun (image source; Kalashnikov USA) Kalashnikov USA prides itself on combining the heritage or Russian firearms with American innovation. They are proud to announce the launch of the KS shotgun line in the United States marketplace. KUSA has already begun shipping KS-12 and KS-12T models to dealers around the country. “We have finally reached the point of being more than satisfied with the remarkable quality and reliability of these products,” said CEO Brian Skinner in a press release. “These firearms are truly worthy of the Kalashnikov name. We are extremely proud to introduce these to the market, and are confident of their success in the AK arena.” KUSA released the following statement on their website: ...  Read More

ZEV Technologies OZ9C Compact Pistol

ZEV Technologies has announced their latest offering with the new OZ9C compact pistol based on their extremely popular full-size O.Z-9 line of modular pistols. ZEV Technologies states “All the same great features as the standard sized O.Z-9, the compact blurs the line between personal defense, concealed carry and a duty pistol. The slimmed-down PRO magwell enhances grip comfort while minimizing printing while carrying concealed. The O.Z-9 was designed and created for balance. It’s one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol. Balance equates to what every shooter is looking for; a more controllable pistol with less felt recoil, less muzzle flip and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.” To learn more about Zev Te...  Read More

Ruger releases special edition Great White Shark 10/22

Ruger has recently released a special edition 10/22 Sporter via TALO Distributors featuring a shark engraving on the stock. KEY FEATURES: – This legendary action is a tried and true Ruger design that ensures consistent, reliable performance. – Detachable 10-round rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding. – Easy-to-use, prominent magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss removal of flush-mounted magazine. – Cold hammer-forged barrel is locked into the receiver by a unique, two-screw, V-block system. – Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety. – Combination scope base adapter for both Weaver-style and .22 tip-off scope mounts included. – Heat-stabilized, glass-filled, po...  Read More